Best Of Awards!

Best Of - YoYo Donuts
Best Of - YoYo Donuts

WINNER of Donut Showdown on the Food Network!

Donut Showdown Winner - YoYo Donuts

Donut Showdown Winner - YoYo Donuts

What are people saying about YoYo Donuts?

YoYo Donut Reviews - New York Magazine

“When Grub Street set out to survey the current doughnut situation in America, we didn’t favor new over old. Instead, we looked for shops of all ages with street cred, spots that feel as immune to trends as doughnuts themselves.”

YoYo Donut Reviews - imbibe

“A Clover coffee brewer in suburban Minnesota? Sounds too good to be true, but this Minnetonkan café does coffee and doughnuts right.”

YoYo Donut Reviews - Heavy Table

“Crafted with a unique flour blend and a creative array of toppings, doughnuts from YoYo are squarely in the conversation for best doughnut in the Twin Cities.”

YoYo Donut Reviews - MinnesotaMonthly

“YoYo Donuts proves what can happen when a bakery gives each and every donut some serious attention. Want to get upper level VP’s to come to your next brainstorming meeting? Then simply note in your invite that YoYo Donuts will be provided.”

YoYo Donut Reviews - Modern Midwest

“YoYo may be your new go-to spot. They’re completely peanut and tree nut free, and don’t use preservatives in their dough mix. Instead, they use a special combination of potato flour, wheat flour and barley flour (plus a little extra spice) to give their doughnuts a unique flavor and texture.”

YoYo Donut Reviews -

“YoYo’s doughnuts stand out due to the unique taste of their dough. A Dogwood Coffee outpost offers a quality counterpart to the doughnuts.”

YoYo Donut Reviews - WCCO

“It’s perfect for the morning. Their donuts have interesting toppings, and not as heavily greasy, and more fluffy on the inside.”

YoYo Donut Reviews - Urbanspoon

“Wonderful donuts in fun varieties. We really loved the maple bacon long john, with a real strip of bacon. Everything we’ve had has been good, staff is friendly, customer service is top notch. Thanks YoYo!”


“Everything is delish; my family visit everytime they are in town; got my office to bring in treats for YoYo’s; great service; great food.”

“There is no way you’ll be able to walk away without a glistening cinnamon bowtie or apple fritter – both some of the finest in town.”

“Incredible nut free donuts, fun atmosphere, and helpful staff. They are truly deserving of their “Best Donuts in the Twin Cities” awards.”

“Don’t forget to pick up some hand-selected, custom-roasted coffees at their coffee bar, created exclusively by Dogwood Coffee Company.”

“A fresh new spin on the great donut, taking it to the next level of donut greatness, ranging from a Bacon Donut with Maple Glaze to the Honeymooner chocolate or vanilla with chopped cherries in the middle.”